Creating Mo

Mo was created from friends and family asking for more.  It became a play on words from "give me some mo" to "Mo" for Maureen.  My name is Maureen so you get the idea.

I've always enjoyed making my favorite dishes for family gatherings.  From lasagna to chocolate chip cookies.  Making favorite meals for my family and friends has always been an expression of love for me, like it is for many people who share the love of cooking.

My original quest began when I tried to perfect a salsa recipe that would remind us of our family's favorite vacation spot.  This began my obsession with creating the perfect salsa and bruschetta recipes. It has always been a family and friend affair.  I would constantly bring the latest taste test to my family and friends to critique.  Fortunately, (I think!) they were honest.  I began in 2015 and finally got it to market in 2019.  I decided to launch with my bruschetta recipes first. 

It has literally been a family affair from day one.  My son Jake and daughter Veronica have been an integral part of my success with launching my products.  Veronica has a degree in Creative Design and works in Manhattan.  Veronica's creative talent was displayed in her artwork for my label and logo.  Jake has a degree in Hospitality Management and works in Denver.  Jake was instrumental in the minutia of my cost analysis spreadsheets.  I live in Florida so it's been a unique and special collaboration!  I know I could not have come this far without their help.

I've shared video's of my product being processed for the first time in Clearwater, FL.  It was very surreal and smelled fantastic!  I also have photo's of my friends and family generously helping me launch my products for the first time at different events.  I am very grateful to be able to share my love even more by experiencing new friends and acquaintances taking pleasure in tasting my products for the first time!  Mangia!!